About Us

Our Style

We spend so much time in our homes, it is important that it's an environment that is inviting to your family and allows one to rest, relax, and rejuvenate for what lies ahead. When I walk into my home, I take comfort in knowing that I am in my restful place. Preston Leigh Interiors would like to help you make your home a place you enjoy being and brings a calmness to your life.

For some people that might mean simply painting walls, others might want help picking out pillows, and some desire an end-to-end strategy. Through conversation, we will prioritize the interior design and interior decorating projects and come up with a plan together to transform your house into a home.

Our Approach

  • Enable Family Friendly: Create spaces the kids and pets are not afraid to touch.
  • Nurture Warmth: Touches to create a warm environment through accessories, rugs, etc.
  • Create an Inviting Atmosphere: Creating welcoming spaces for loved ones to gather, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Use Color Wisely: Balancing warm neutrals with uplifting and bright accessories.
  • Embed Entertainment: Making entertainment areas fun yet elegant so design elements can shine through.
  • Make it Simple & Functional: Let interior design help you simplify your life.